Sometimes I see true beauty
Just when I close my eyes
Sometimes I care, sometimes I don’t,
Sometimes I wait for that moment’s demise…

The beauty of a landscape, of hills and of dales,
And of a thousand seas conquered, of dolphins and whales
The birds and the skies, be mine, alone, such selfish my emotion
And there be angels, and seraphs, of them be an ocean…

And then I lose almost everything,
In that beautiful beautiful sight…
And watch from afar as it takes wing,
Into yet another blue night…

While tethered to this dust, my hopes lay scattered
And mighty dreams, like mirrors, lay askance, shattered
To touch, but that canvas, that paints a million hues
Strangled in pain, my mind continues, pursues…

To dream, once again, that comeliness, alluring
To feel, once again, that reprieve, of this ache so enduring
I close my eyes, in unfeigned hope, against hope,
Even though I know, I’m at the end of my rope…