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There it is, in the sunrise, vivid
Raging red, auburn, livid
And yet it lives in moonlight too
And in the softer shades of blue

In lapping waters of serene lakes
And torrents that a river makes
There it is, there it is, alive
Yet hidden, like a buzzing beehive

You can feel it’s presence,
A wave , a whiff, murmurs, scents
It’s warmth will fill you, its essence divine
And yet, it’s something you cannot define

Hope, that bastard, it’s something we crave
It’s something we need, for us to be brave
Hope, that elusive thing, like a wonderous breeze
Can set us alight, while we sit and freeze

How can you not see it, it’s right there
In every breath, that next puff of air
Hope, that helped us, more than we knew
Don’t let it evaporate, like morning’s dew…