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Bless me harder, Lord, bless me
With wine, as fine can be
Bless me Lord, with liberties
And a chariot, draped in liveries

And a mansion, Lord, an acre large
Bless me with a yacht, and a barge
Bless me with food, nectar divine
Bless me Lord, make me shine

A miracle, Lord, is what I need
Lazy as I am, with mouths to feed
Bless me Lord, with your endless grace
For today, tomorrow, till end of days

I’ll sing your praises, I swear I will
Bless me Lord, I’m waiting still
A little bit more, than what you always do
Just this once, oh Lord why won’t You?

I’ve never felt so bad, human as I am
This life I lead, it feels like a sham
Bless me Lord, with love and health
If nothing else, not fame nor wealth

Greed, I succumbed to it, greedy old me
Lord, you know it, Lord, you can see
What I need most, forgiveness and peace
Bless me Lord, bless me, oh please?