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A chance, just a chance,
To point the stars out to you
To say your name, to hold your hands
To bring out that smile in you

To see your eyes, twinkling in the light
Twinkling with delight, twinkling in the night
To feel the warm breeze, of a sandy shore
To be with you, like never before…

To sing to you, and not have you laugh
But enjoy every word as I mean them
To welcome the sunrise, for it to be enough
Beautiful colors, as only we could have seen them

A chance, just a simple simple chance
To bring out my love, to wring out my heart,
To win you over, to have our first dance
A chance, just a chance, to see our love start…

Would you ever consider, ponder, think?
To give me the one thing I desire;
Or would you push me, over the brink
Ne’er the chance, light up that fire…?

No less, no more, a chance, just a chance,
No hidden agendas, no webbed plans
All I need, is a nod in advance
So I could show you, my version of romance…